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Over the past 10 years, we here at NAGASAKIJDMMOTORS.COM have been selling JDM engines and transmissions in all corners of globe. With great experience in this business, we promise our customers great service and quality engines. Our team in Japan is constantly searching for the best engines, and prior to any shipment, each engine is thorouly tested and checked to ensure customer satisfaction. Once the engines arrive in our warehouses, they are tested again to make sure we are importing the best products. Not only are the motors fully checked prior to shipment and on arrival, we do a full check up of the engine before we sell it! All in all, we here at NAGASAKIJDMMOTORS.COM provide great customer service and promise the best JDM engines at the lowest price.

Imported directly from Japan, all of our motors are specially picked to ensure true quality of Japanese motors. Each engine is fully tested and checked prior to shippment, on arrival, and prior to any sale. We strive to have the best quality while still retaining the best prices on the interent.

In stock and ready to ready for shipment, each engine listed on this site is fully functionable. We also sell other engines that may not be listed on this site. Remember if it is a JDM engine, chances are we've got it!

Please feel free to email or call with any questions regarding engines.

We have a team in Japan constantly in search of the best JDM engines. When they find quality products, they ship it off to us. Here at NAGASAKIJDMMOTORS.COM , we are not just importing products blindly, but rather we are importing products knowing that our team has checked them.

Since we are the sole importers of our engines, we can afford to sell them for much less than our competitors.